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Sprayed Concrete and Spray Applied Membranes Training and Assessment

CK-Tech Ltd understands the importance of being ‘trained and competent’ to do the job. Industry requires more evidence and certification that personnel are competent, in date and qualified.

  • CK-Tech Ltd provides various levels of training in sprayed concrete and spray applied membrane methods and techniques for operatives, project managers and engineers.
  • Use and application of equipment’s, ancillaries and consumables.
  • Techniques and methods for:
    • Spray applied membranes
    • Dry sprayed concrete
    • Wet Sprayed Concrete (Hand)
    • Wet Sprayed Concrete (Robotic)
  • Selection and use of the most appropriate products.
  • Quality assurance pre, during and post application.
  • In association with EDVIRT, CK-Tech Ltd can design and supply the most advanced industry leading immersive training, in Robotic Wet Spray application disciplines on or off site.
  • Assessor Examiner for: European Federation of National Association representing producers and applicators of specialist building products Concrete (EFNARC) Nozzleman Certification Scheme.
  • Bespoke training design and delivery for Client/Contractor needs.
Heading BG

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