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EFNARC Assessment for Sprayed Concrete

CK-Tech Ltd is registered European Federation of National Associations Representing producers and applicators of specialist building products for Concrete. (EFNARC) and are authorised by EFNARC to deliver the Nozzleman Certification Scheme.

The Nozzleman project was undertaken by the EFNARC Sprayed Concrete Technical Committee and culminated in the launch the EFNARC Nozzleman Certification Scheme in September 2009.

The EFNARC Nozzleman Certification Scheme is not a Training Course; it only offers certification to Nozzlemen who have already gained the necessary experience and can demonstrate their technical knowledge and practical ability. The Scheme has been developed in recognition that the Construction Industry requires a means of identifying expert Nozzlemen. The Scheme is currently limited to wet, robotic sprayed concrete and has been developed primarily for the European market, although it will have a wider application.

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