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EDVIRT UK EFNARC C2 SCL Training Assessment Qualification

CK-Tech Ltd and EDVIRT UK are registered with the European Federation of National Associations Representing producers and applicators of specialist building products for Concrete (EFNARC). CK-Tech Ltd and EDVIRT UK are authorised by EFNARC to deliver training and certification under the Nozzleman Certification Scheme (EFRNARC) within the UK.

In association with EDVIRT UK, we can supply the most advanced industry leading immersive training, conduct assessments and certification at the EFNARC C2 standard level, in Robotic Wet Spray application disciplines on or off site. For more information please use the following Link: Edvirt UK

EFNARC C2 Assessor 24 May 2021 – 2 days
EFNARC C2 Conversion 01 June 2021 – 4 Days

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