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Hose injection

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Injectable Hose

More and more injectable hose is being used in construction across the UK. As well as being instrumental in developing it’s use, particularly for testing joints in water industry assets, CK-Tech Ltd have successfully injected several thousands of meters of injectable and re-injectable hose from many different suppliers.

We have also played a part in many trials of products to determine their suitability in hoses for the manufacturers, using bespoke and unique equipment.

All of our supervisors and technicians are trained and competent in the application and in the safety procedures involved when carrying out hose injection works.

An injectable hose

Elevate Your Construction Industry Projects with Injectable Hose Solutions!

Use of Injectable hose technology is increasing within the construction industry in the UK, and CK-Tech Ltd is at the forefront of its advancement. We’ve not only pioneered its use, particularly in water industry asset joint testing (CESWI7) but also injected thousands of meters of hose from various suppliers with resounding success.

As industry leaders, we’ve contributed significantly to product trials, assessing suitability for manufacturers through innovative equipment and bespoke methodologies.

Rest assured, our supervisors and technicians are proficient in the application and safety protocols of hose injection works. Trust CK-Tech Ltd for reliable solutions that marry innovation with safety!

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