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Sheet Pile Sealing – Sheet Pile Packers

Sheet Pile Sealing – Sheet Pile Packers

The Issue

A recently constructed Biomass Plant contacted CK-Tech Ltd due to an issue with ingress of water into a 6m deep pit constructed to hold dry fuel pellets. The pit had been constructed using steel sheet piles with a capping beam tied into the floor level. After having installed a scaffold platform, on inspection it appeared that water had found a path between the interface of the sheets and the capping beam.

The Solution

Steel pile packers were used to enable injection to take place behind the sheet piles. A mag drill was used to breach the steel to accommodate the packers. The injection material selected was a Two component Thixotropic Polyurethane, MasterRoc MP355 Thix. Due to the lack of air supply and noise constraints a Master-Spray GT2 was the injection pump of choice.

The Result

In 5 days, with 25 Sheet pile packers installed and 10 sets of MasterRoc MP355 Thix used, the joint was sealed and monitored for 30 days with no return of water ingress.

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