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Ground Consolidation – Ascending Grouting with Lances

Ground Consolidation – Ascending Grouting with Lances

The Issue

A Cofferdam, constructed using 1220mm diameter steel piles which were clutched, was built within the River Thames to enable the sinking of a shaft. The cofferdam was back filled up to the shaft collar. There was a concern that over time the fill may be washed out through any clutches that had no been successfully engaged. The depth of fill was approximately 5m.

The Solution

22mm Steel lances with blow out tips would be driven down to depth between the piles. The lances would then be injected using MasterRoc MP358 and a Desoi L36 Pump as they were being extracted with the Desoi Lance Puller. In total 33 joints were to be injected. The distance from the clutch and the angle of the lance was important to ensure the correct standoff.

The Result

All 33 Clutches were successfully injected. The results could clearly be seen within the clutches.

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